Flocking Swallows

No, flocking in the title is not a substitute for an expletive. The swallows are actually flocking. They’re apparently gathering and getting ready to head to their wintering grounds. I saw them yesterday and thought you folks might just like to see what it looked like. The camera was shooting only a small area of the sky but I can attest that there were literally hundreds of the graceful little fliers in the sky when I was taking this video. An absolutely beautiful sight of aerial grace.

Then there’s Zeus. Grace is not in any way associated with him. He’s going to be a terror. He has a full blown case of the puppy awkwards and, as often as not, when he jumps off of the steps leading to my deck in the back yard, he does a face plant. Doesn’t seem to bother him though. I honestly think he believes it’s more fun that way! He gets up, shakes himself, and runs off in an arbitrary direction. He’s just full of the joy of life and it’s beautiful to watch. His attention span, if it could be made into silicon chip form, would, hands down, beat the worlds fastest computers. He might, at this moment be entirely focused on this wonderful new rawhide bone and in the next moment, “Did you see that long piece of grass? I think it attacked me!” and off and away he is giving it what for! He’s a trip.

Mad Dog! Run!

His ears are scheduled to be cropped in a couple of weeks and then training starts. Training ought to be interesting because of his short attention span but at his age training will probably be in several 5-minute intervals throughout the day.

Tonight should be an excellent sleeping night. The temperature is supposed to get to 60 this evening so you can bet my windows will be wide open. With the moon just past full and the cooler air coming in it might just be an evening for the coyotes to be howling. You can bet I’ll be listening for them.

Wild was around again last evening. He didn’t stay long but before he/she came to get dinner I saw him/her lazing near the fence washing. Guess the cat has good manners if nothing else. Didn’t want to show up at a host’s house for dinner looking unkempt!

Here are today’s pictures:

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